Apache County Recorder’s Office

75 West Cleveland                                                                  Monday – Thursday
P.O. Box 425                                                                            6:30 AM -5:30 PM
St Johns, AZ 85936
Ph: (928) 337-7514
Email: lfulton@co.apache.az.us          


The link below will take you directly to their Web Site.
 Apache County Recorder’s Office


Recording Fees:

Basic recording fee – $10 (this includes postage for return of document)
  These fees change from time to time so visit their web site to confirm the current price of recording


Search for the property by owner’s name, parcel number or address.


FORM Requirements:

Recorder’s Office Form Requirements……CLICK HERE
It is very important to understand how the form must be created to satisfy the county recorder. If you don’t follow their procedure and requirements your whole project will be rejected.


Location of Apache County Recorder’s Office