Cochise County Recorder’s Office

Cochise county Arizona courthouse built in1882
Cochise County Courthouse, Toughnut & Third Streets, Tombstone, Cochise County, AZ

Cochise County Recorder’s Office is located in Bisbee Arizona

Cochise County Recorder’s Office has two principal duties. The first duty of the Cochise County Recorder’s Office is to record documents, as required by law, to be public record. Instruments recorded include Arizona Quitclaim Deeds among many other real estate transactions and documents required to be made of public record. The second major duty concerns elections since according to state law the County Recorder is also the registrar of voters for the county.


Cochise County Recorder’s Office
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Cochise County Recorder’s Office

1415 Melody Lane Bldg. B
Bisbee, AZ 85603

Phone: (520) 432-8350
FAX: (520) 432-8368

              Office Hours

            Monday – Friday
            8:00am – 5:00pm – Except Holidays





Recording Fees:

Basic recording fee – $10 (this includes postage for return of document)   These fees change from time to time so visit their web site to confirm the current price of recording


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FORM Requirements:

Recorder’s Office Form Requirements……CLICK HERE It is very important to understand how the form must be created to satisfy the county recorder. If you don’t follow their procedure and requirements your whole project will be rejected.